Board of Directors

The Regis St. Mary Catholic School Board of Directors is a governing body whose members participate in the educational mission of the Church in collaboration with the archdiocese, the archbishop, pastors and school administrators by acting as guardians for the Catholic community and by providing long-range direction for the school. The ordinary day-to-day management of the school shall be delegated to and shall be the responsibility of the principal, who shall carry out, in the administration of the school, all policies established by the member or the board of directors.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Enable mission effectiveness & purpose
  • Ensuring the Catholicity of the school
  • Provide for the future: stability, continuity, growth and resources
  • Ensure effective planning
  • Provide overall direction
  • Ensure adequate resources & monitor their effective use
  • Select and support the principal according to archdiocesan policy
  • Enhance public image and advance the school in the community
  • Enable periodic performance reviews of the principal according to archdiocesan policy
  • Monitor programs and services
  • Perpetuate itself through an effective director selection process

Board Makeup

The board of directors consists of twelve to fifteen directors appointed by the Archbishop.

  • There are three Ex Officio directors—the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, the Archdiocesan Chief Financial Officer and the principal. Ex Officio members are voting members.
  • Up to two of the board positions may be filled by non-Catholics, provided they participate in a faith community, support the values of a Catholic school and have the best interests of Regis St. Mary at heart.
  • The board identifies people to fill board vacancies by forming a selection committee that nominates individuals to the board to recommend to the Archbishop for appointment.

Current Members

  • Kim Shields: Department of Catholic Schools Superintendent, Archdiocese of Portland
  • Adam Mumey / Chair
  • Amy Vetter / Vice-Chair
  • Missi Vaughn / Secretary
  • Sara Adams
  • Katie Koenig
  • Ingrid Gonzalez
  • Chad Hollmeyer
  • Bill Jepsen
  • Aaron Persons
  • Travis Woods
  • Julie Lulay
  • Reid Highberger 
  • Mandy Shine 
  • Kelly Starbuck 
  • Fr. Luan 

Board Committees

In order for the board of directors to fulfill its responsibilities in the most efficient and effective manner possible, it has established several committees to ensure appropriate focus on several areas critical to the school. Committees meet and conduct their work apart from the board meetings. Committee decisions and actions are reported to the BOD during its quarterly meetings for information and approval.

Each committee will have at least two board members—with one serving as committee chair and who may invite other interested individuals to participate as committee members. If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact the committee chair or the board HERE.

Executive Committee

  • Members: Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary
  • Mission: Provide leadership, administrative guidance and speak for the board of directors.

Finance & Facilities Committee

  • Chair: Sara Adams
  • Primary tasks: Review monthly income statements, monitors cash flow, plan for capital expenditures and assist in budgeting. Develop and review the long-range facility improvement plan.
  • Needs: Members with experience in reading and analyzing financial statements and budgets of companies or organizations. Expertise in the area of accounting is especially helpful on the committee. Expertise in the areas of construction and general contracting would be very helpful in developing the facility improvement plan.

Mission & Accreditation Committee

  • Chair: BC Nelson
  • Primary areas of interest: Review and monitor the strategic plan, help build and foster the school’s Catholic identity, monitor the rigor of the school academics and review the accreditation process.
  • Needs: Members with a desire to monitor progress related to the RSM strategic plan and the strategic plan of the Department of Catholic Schools. Expertise in the area of curriculum development would help to monitor the development of the curriculum guide, and drive academic rigor for all grades.

Marketing & Development Committee

  • Chair: Missi Vaughn
  • Primary areas of interest: Review advancement plans, assist in recruitment and retention, help develop new sources of income.
  • Needs: Members who are innovators, open-minded and creative in looking for new ways to increase enrollment and funds for the future of the school. Background in marketing can be helpful to this committee.

Contact the BoD

If you have a question, idea, concern, or would like to say hello, please click here to reach out to the Regis St Mary Board of Directors.