Share Hours

Share Hours

Every family grades PreK-12 must contribute a minimum of 15 share hours per year in any combination of time, money and/or comparatively valued goods supporting any of the RSM sanctioned fundraiser listed below. One share hour is equivalent to $50 (cash or value of donated goods/services).

Share hours may be completed by any member of the family, including students. Any family may “buy out” their share hours by donating $750 made payable to the RSM. A full buyout donation will exempt participating families from any further fundraising requirements for the school year.

Share Hour Opportunities

For your planning purposes, here is more information on each of the annual qualifying RSM fundraisers. Your participation is vital to the success of these events and our school as a whole.

Evening at the Auction

The auction is the school’s largest fundraiser and is held in September. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available.


Savour Food & Wine Event

This is a new event we will be hosting at the Oregon Gardens in May.


Regis Athletics Events

Share hours can be earned working the concessions booth or ticket gate at any athletic event during the school year.


Share Hour Log

Parents are responsible for logging their share hours by completing the online form.