What does your gift to our Catholic school really mean? What kind of fruit does it produce?


A young couple’s first born began in the school this year. Not long after, the child was remonstrating his parents because they were not praying before dinner. Now, the family prays in gratitude before every meal. Your gift to Regis St. Mary Catholic School produces gratitude.


A transfer family brought their nine-year old to our school last year. They reported that within just a few weeks their child had many new best friends and that they as parents felt connected to something greater than themselves. The parents experienced a sense of community in the school that they did not have elsewhere. Your gift to Regis St. Mary Catholic School produces community.


A family was really concerned about their child who was failing most subjects at another school. His personality had shifted and his doctor informed the parents that he was depressed and needed to be on medication. They switched to Regis St. Mary and within a couple of weeks saw a drastic improvement in not only his academics, but his personality. He was enjoying school and had hope back in his eyes. Your gift to Regis St. Mary Catholic School produces hope.


“We have tuition assistance available for any family that wants a Regis St. Mary education,” I said to this potential new family. This was a family really wanting a Catholic education for their children, but didn’t know it could be a reality. Through our assistance program, they joined our school and since brought two of their relatives’ families to our school for a total of six new students who value a Catholic education. Your gift to Regis St. Mary Catholic School produces opportunity.


“We have to go to Mass,” exclaims the kindergartner to his parents one Sunday. Not being raised Catholic, the parents were honestly intimidated and unsure how to react and talk with their son about his newfound zeal for all things Catholic. When they enrolled in the school, they did expect a Christian faith experience, but not this kind of evangelistic fervor from their young son. Fast forward six months and you witness the parents joining the Church through RCIA at the Easter Vigil. Your gift to Regis St. Mary Catholic School produces faith.



Your gifts to Regis St. Mary produce the most important things in life. Thank you to all of the individual people and organizations who have contributed to our school. Your sacrifice and sustained generosity continues to amaze and humble me. Your gifts enable us to carry out our mission of faith, excellence, service, and leadership on the Regis and St. Mary Campuses in support of Catholic education in the Santiam Vicariate.

-Candi Hedrick, Regis St. Mary Principal