Regis St. Mary Foundation


Dear Regis St. Mary Community,

I sometimes get asked the question “what is the purpose of the Regis St. Mary Foundation”? The Regis St. Mary Foundation Board of Directors is made up of 11 board members who are dedicated to the financial development, fund asset management, and distribution of funds to preserve Regis St. Mary Catholic School for generations to come.

As Executive Director, I work in partnership with the Foundation Board of Directors to achieve the foundation’s mission while helping to further the relationship between our school and our community. My duties include overseeing the administration, finances, planning, database management, and fundraising.

We are alumni of St. Mary and Regis. We are parents of children who attend or have attended Regis St. Mary. We are grandparents of current students and alumni. We are community members who appreciate that our school is a source of pride for our community and a vast part of what makes Stayton such a great place to live.

We help to make the school a financial success by spearheading capital campaigns. These campaigns assist to increase the endowment which in turn creates long term investment income for the school. The campaigns fund specific projects designed to improve or build upon the physical structure of our school. Additionally, capital campaigns increase tuition assistance funds to enable families whose children would otherwise be unable to attend Regis St. Mary to do so. 

The work of the Foundation is always to generate revenue to improve our school for the students and the future. There will always be challenges, but together we can help the school flourish! 


Signe Woods

Regis St. Mary Foundation, Executive Director


Board Members:

Troy Gaul (’88), President
Tom Lulay (’65), Vice President
Jon Heuberger (‘89), Treasurer
Mary Booth (‘00), Secretary
Kris Bishop
Ron Bochsler
Todd Gescher (’83)
Lynda Harrington
Larry Keudell (‘77)
John Meldrum
Maria Schmidlkofer

Ex Officio Members:

Signe Woods, Executive Director
Candi Hedrick, Principal