About the RAA

The purpose of RAA was and still is to raise money for the athletics programs in order to provide the opportunity for and encourage all students to participate in athletics at NO COST.
The RAA is tasked with fundraising throughout the year to keep this tradition going. All of the funds raised by RAA go toward athletic programs for things such as uniforms, referees and umpires, transportation, equipment, etc. In addition, we work to offer support both financially and through manpower for bigger projects such as the rebuilding of the baseball homerun fence that occurred this past winter. We accomplish our goals through events and activities such as the Ram Open Golf Tournament, Sponsorships which include banners and advertising of local businesses, concessions and gate receipts at home sporting events, Alumni Basketball Tournament and other various activities throughout the year.
RAA relies on the dedication and hard work of our board members, parents, teachers, coaches, student athletes to make all of this happen. Furthermore, we are blessed with the generous support and helping hands of so many alumni and members of our community who continue to invest in our kids.

Events/ Fundraisers

Ram Open golf tournament
Orange/ Grapefruit Sale
Concessions & gate at games
Athletic passes
Ear plug sales at the Harvest Festival
Super Bowl Party
Homecoming Bonfire
Alumni Basketball tournament
Steak Fry
Kickoff Breakfast
Fun Run

RAA Board for 2020-2021

Nikki Voltin, President
Jaymi Silbernagel, Vice President
Niki Schumacher, Secretary
Tomi King, Treasurer
Spencer Gould
Travis Woods
Sean McMullen
Molly Hammer
Dan Campbell
John Bishop
Carmela Flett
Marty Vaughn
Elaine Blish